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EVENTS 2022 - 2023

9/23/23, 6:00 PM


Kimera Festival of Music and Storytelling. Join the International Brazilian Opera Company and the W111th Block Association for this series of world-class musical performances and storytelling in our neighborhood. Kimera is hyperlocal and omnicultural and showcases performers from various musical backgrounds, including jazz, pop, pagode, samba, and classical. The Free Festival will launch at the 7/15 Block Party at W111th Street & Amsterdam Avenue, with monthly Saturday performances at the same location on 8/19, 9/23, and 10/28.

Hyperlocal and Omnicultural Outdoor Festival of Music and Storytelling

9/21/23, 8:00 PM

A RODA: Ten Years of Moving the Wheel

Celebrate ten years of the International Brazilian Opera Company with us! The A Roda exhibition's in-person cocktail and opening reception will be at the Consulate General of Brazil in New York on East 41st Street.

4-6 pm

6-8 pm

Exhibition will be on display from Sept.21-Oct.23. Select works of art are available for purchase.

Art Exhibition + Film Screening

5/24/23, 9:30 PM

Marketing Strategies in Arts + Culture

Join us for an interactive discussion and cocktail reception celebrating the relationship between businesses and art institutions promoting Brazilian art and culture in New York City. 

Our panelists will explore their relationships with businesses and art institutions / artists – and share how greater and deeper exchanges in Brazilian arts and culture can generate multifaceted benefits – boost the economy, build meaningful and authentic client loyalties, and strengthen business-to-business networks. 

An interactive Q&A session will offer the opportunity for guests to contribute feedback and be part of an ongoing discussion on Brazilian business and the arts. 

Our program will conclude with a networking reception featuring music by the IBOC Jazz Band.

Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce – 485 Madison Avenue, Suite 401, New York, NY 10022

3/19/23, 3:00 PM

Composition Workshop in Brazil

In partnership with Instituto Casa Nobre, join the IBOC composition workshop led by our artistic director, João MacDowell in the beautiful Brazilian nature preserve Guarda do Embaú, Santa Catarina. The second annual 2023 workshop will take place in the third week of March. Email to learn more and register.

Casa Nobre, Guarda do Embaú, Brazil

2/23/23, 10:30 PM


IBOC Maestro Hugo Sanbone will present "Horizons" as part of Teatro LATEA's eMelLe-K Festival - a heartfelt cultural homage to Dr. King’s legacy curated for Teatro LATEA by Rodger Taylor and Miguel Trelles.

Sanbone's "Horizons" features his original compositions resulting from the research, understanding and re-signification of elements present in the hybrid music of the Americas.

The show is based on the concepts of jazz, mestizo music in the Americas, and Bahian pagode as a consequence of the African diaspora observed and practiced by Hugo Sanbone's work as the musical director of his Sanbone Pagode Orquestra created in 2009.

LATEA at the Clemente, 107 Suffolk St (2nd Fl), NYC

2/14/23, 3:30 PM

SAA Valentine's Performance

Thank you to the Columbia University Student Advocates for the Arts (SAA), who selected us as their benefit organization for their Valentine's Day performance!
SAA is a student-run club for learning about and participating in arts advocacy, lobbying, cultural policy, and discussions on the American system for funding the arts. IBOC participating performing artists include Gabriel Gorsky (guitar), Yunxuan Zhu (vocalist/tenor), and Alexander Scott (vocalist/bass). This is a university event closed to the public.

Student Advocates for the Arts at Columbia University Teacher's College, NYC

12/9/22, 2:00 AM

A Night with Davinia and Friends

Davinia Pace hosts her first cabaret show, "A Night with Davinia and Friends." The star singer-actress is writing, directing, and producing this one-night-only event at the historic Laurie Beechman Theatre, NYC, NY. The night of singing, dancing, and comedy sketches will feature songs made famous by Davinia's favorite artists: Frank Sinatra, Etta James, Marilyn Monroe, and Judy Garland. The evening offers a fabulous opportunity for those visiting NYC to taste the glitz and glamour of New York City's theatre district. Click more info for tickets.

Laurie Beechman Theatre, NYC

12/6/22, 11:00 PM

iboc dream: cocktails and operas benefit

IBOC DREAM: Winter Cocktails + Operas Benefit. Preview opera creation with the International Brazilian Opera Company's dynamic community of artists.

Since 2014, we've supported 64 immigrant artists to work in the USA, developed 7 operas, presented in 3 countries, and have provided music education experiences for the young and old alike. 

As a community member, please join us to celebrate over cocktails and opera in the magical jewel box on Bryant Park, Luxuny Atelier.  Our merrymaking will strengthen our spirits and support our operations, artists, and new works.

Donate $150 - $500to RSVP. or email:

Luxuny Atelier, Penthouse (Bryant Park Studios, NYC)

10/29/22, 7:00 PM

Samba Trio Masquerade

Join for a full Saturday of Halloween Culture (3-8pm) organized and hosted by the W.111th Block Association. Bring your family and pets dressed with their best to see the haunted fountain and try their fortune in winning the costume contests (4:45 pm). The IBOC Samba Trio starts at 3:30. (photo: Daniel Lincoln)

W 111th & Amsterdam Ave, NYC

More Info

10/15/22, 12:00 AM

São Paulo State Symphony Orchestra – OSESP

The São Paulo State Symphony Orchestra – OSESP will perform four concerts in the United
States between October 10th and 15th this year, on its first international tour since the
beginning of the pandemic. On Oct. 14 and Oct. 15 at Carnegie Hall in New
York - this will be the first time a Brazilian orchestra has played as part of the official programming of this legendary classical music stage.

Carnegie Hall

7/30/22, 9:30 PM

IBOC Jazz Band

Join for a full Saturday of music and learn about Affordable Housing Access while enjoying local eats at the Morningside Heights Summer Festival of Arts & Culture (12-8pm) organized and hosted by the W.111th Block Association. The IBOC Jazz Band starts at 5:30 featuring band leader Marcelo Maccagnan on bass, vocalists Helena Beltrão & João MacDowell, percussionists Luan Barbosa & Juninho Karegato and Gabriel Gorski on guitar.

W 111th & Amsterdam Ave, NYC

7/29/22, 4:00 AM

Marcelo Maccagnan Night Tales Album Release

Marcelo is an electric and upright bass player originally from Brazil. His playing and compositions are heavily influenced by styles he grew up with, and this fusion of sounds is how the artist likes to define himself. With his latest album “Night Tales”, Marcelo places himself as a prolific bandleader and composer, with music in the genre he calls “Progressive Jazz”.

Album Release

7/23/22, 8:00 PM

Bossa Nova in the Park

Featuring Brazil natives, vocalist/guitarist João MacDowell and percussionist Luan Barbosa, revamp the 1950s Bossa style. The repertoire of originals and standards, performed with a minimal setup, creates an atmosphere of subtle rhythms and sophisticated melodies. International Brazilian Opera - IBOC's resident composer, João MacDowell, dives into the music that shaped his musical language and songwriting.

Washington Square Park

7/20/22, 11:00 PM

My Roots Live in Brooklyn

Brazil Summer Fest Presents a traditional Roda de Samba by International Brazilian Opera Company's Extraordinary Artist Luan Barbosa Samba Group: My Roots Live in Brooklyn. Bring your instrument and get your dance on for a participatory experience.

Grand Army Plaza (Brooklyn)

7/2/22, 6:00 PM

RACE the Opera Artist Presentation

The July 2nd workshop performance will be the first early presentation of the work in progress for RACE the opera. Meet the creative team: dramaturg and family descendant Frank Shines, librettists Ashley Cornelius and Idris Goodwin, and IBOC art directors Athena Azevedo, João MacDowell, and Christina Morgan. The team will discuss the preliminary research and planning work, present their creative process, and discuss the work, musical references, and the characters. Members of the Stroud family will also share more about their family history.

Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum

Samba Masquerade
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