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This book, translated and expanded contains Faure's original exercises with all the transpositions as indicated by the author. 


From page 3, "To The Reader":

J. Faure was known, respected and loved by colleagues and public alike. In the mid nineteenth century the lyric art was at its height and Paris was an important center, even as the vocal art was showing signs of crisis. The conservatory system was in disarray, with no agreed upon standards for voice teaching and there was no game plan for improving the situation.


Faure, an acknowledged master, cultured and articulate, was asked to overhaul the voice curriculum. This book is the result of his exploration. In the text you will find evidence of Faure’s efforts on the behalf of the art of singing. You will even see evidence of the contention between the voice teachers at the Conservatoire…plus ça change…


We first discovered him through his vocal exercises, which we tried, first on ourselves, then on colleagues and students, with astonishing results. With one singer change began literally overnight and over the course of a week a long-standing difficulty in the middle voice, weakest in females, was on the mend. One baritone in mid-career has said, “After doing Faure’s exercises for a week, I became another kind of singer.”


The exercises are so precise that if you do not do them correctly, you will know it immediately.

The Voice And Singing by J. Faure. English version by Keeping and Prada

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